Aqua and Snow moto Racing out in Europe

Today you can buy your own hardcopy (or digital download) of Aqua and/or Snow Moto Racing for the Switch in Europe. Look in your local store, online or in your Nintendo Switch eShop to get it!

First Patch for Snow Moto Racing Freedom

In this patch we have introduced a mechanic that will transform Snocross racing into a deeper experience. If you drive outside the prepared track you will get slowed down by the increased resistance from the looser snow. This will force you to make some crucial decisions on what turns you might try a short-cut on and what turns you might want to keep out of the deeper snow on. This, paired with the Snowmobile balancing will make Snocross a more nuanced challenge for both single and multi-player experiences.

Let there be snow!

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In short

  • New (better) Keyboard control scheme
  • Snow Mobile balancing
  • Tweaked control model for snowmobiles
  • Snow hardness mechanic in Snocross.
  • Tweaked AI behavior.


Snow Moto Racing Freedom Releases Today!

Today Snow Moto Racing Freedom will today release on Steam and the Playstation Store.

You will in the beginning be able to buy it for 19.99USD in North America and Europe.

The snowmobile game, which is the first real snowmobile game in many years on any platform, is the work of Zordix AB. A company in the far north of Sweden where winters are long and cold and the experience of riding actual Snowmobiles is big.

The game will be released with a world ranking where you can compare yourself to friends and family to gain the highest honor of dog in your yard. For the talented, the daring, the skill-full we are giving an opportunity to be the ultimate king of the hill, the No1 player in the world!

Playstation Store


Snow Moto Racing Freedom gets a release date!

The wizards of Zordix proclaims the following. In this year, on the 11th day of the 4th month we will release our latest spell, the spell of Snow Moto Racing Freedom and it will bring happiness and joy to all those that sees fit to procure it. We have spun the weaves of mathematics, bent the laws of physics, commanded light to be and then slowly molded it into a perfect blend of digital winter wonder land dreams.

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Snow Moto Racing Freedom will be released on the PlayStation®Store and Steam on the 11th of April.

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