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Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D out in Canada, Mexico and Brazil

New Territories for RHF3D
Face the heat on the frontline as you assume the role of a rookie firefighter destined to become a hero on the Nintendo 3DS™.
Operate the tools of the trade. Aim jets of water, swing axes and prise open doors. Adding to the already intense drama is an impressive cast of voice actors. Become that rarest of commodities – a real hero!.

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    Dream Hack 2014 and new Tech Demo!

    Aqua Moto Racing Utopia

    Dream Hack and Aqua Moto Racing Utopia
    A new Tech Demo from our Dreamhack 2014 where people for the first time could get a hands on experience with our new game. We held a competition which was much appreciated and attended and we got fantastic feedback from the crowd. Apparently a new competitive racing game was wanted! And remember, this is actual gameplay!

      Zordix Summer Sale

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      Until the 31 of July, in the European eShop, you can buy all of our 3DS games for low prices.

    • Aqua Moto Racing 3D for 3.99 (7.99)
    • Snow Moto Racing 3D for 3.99 (7.99)
    • Real Heroes Firefighter for 4.99 (8.99)

    • Get them all, find some shadow and get lost in the wonderful world of Zordix fantasies

        New Interview in Nintendo Enthusiast

        An interview in Nintendo Enthusiast with Matti

        “Aqua Moto Racing Utopia for Wii U is a watercraft game with both runabout and jet ski vehicles. It’s a really big game with world-ranking online gaming, single-player championships, multiplayer party game modes, topped off with a free-ride leisure mode full of surprises. I hope many will notice that this is a very interesting Wii U game coming in 2014!”