Release in many app stores for Aqua Moto Racing 2 Redux

Aug 10th 2016 PRESS RELEASE

Following the Nordic Game Conference, Zordix and Appland release new game in many app stores around the world

As a result of the Nordic Game Conference 2016, the game company Zordix has partnered up with app store company Appland for its new Android game. We are proud to announce that the new game Aqua Moto Racing 2 Redux will be released in many new app stores driven by Appland.

The Appland stores contain fantastic premium game content that can be accessed through a very consumer-friendly subscription model, which fits us perfectly. This deal once again proves the strength in our million-selling Aqua Moto Racing brand that will now find its way to many more gamers around the world.”, says Matti Larsson, CEO at Zordix.

Appland has released the game in Mexico and Colombia and we are just about to release the game in Pakistan, Oman, Turkey and many more stores coming. We are very excited to offer such a high quality game to our subscribers world-wide.”, says Markus Viikki, Chief Content Officer at Appland.

Aqua Moto Racing 2 Redux promises wild water racing in paradisiacal worlds of heaving oceans and sandy beaches. Do wild stunts for boost rewards and use the extra speed for an extra fun riding experience. Unlock new watercraft, pimp out your rider, and compete in Championships for legendary status.


  • Ride Real Waves in Exotic Locations.
  • Experience 48 Challenging Courses
  • Perform Gut-Wrenching Stunts
  • Single Player Career with 14 Championships
  • Beat Target Times and Unlock Medals
  • 25 Achievements to conquer.

Stay tuned for more exciting news about this new title.

About Zordix

Zordix is an independent game developer and publisher, with years of experience and a quality portfolio of brands. The founder and CEO, Matti Larsson, is a game business veteran in different management roles since the mid-90s.

About Appland

Appland provides the world’s most flexible SaaS platform for white label App Subscription Clubs and App Stores.

For more information, please contact

Matti Larsson, CEO, Zordix AB, phone +46 (0) 70 6549 541,

Daniel Nilsson, CCO, Appland, phone +46707403684,

    We are pushing an update!

    In our infinite wisdom we are pushing an update last thing we do right now, Friday afternoon. What can possibly go wrong!


    • Tweaking AI on some maps
    • Changed tournament map order
    • Stunt score adjustments
    • Updated medal scores
    • Boost time increased
    • Graphical options added (some even work!)
    • Remove hud option
    • Changing riding boundaries on some venues.
    • Stability bugs squashed.

      Aqua Moto Racing Utopia Released on Steam Early Access!

      Today we are finally there, the release day of Aqua Moto Racing Utopia. The game borne from dreams of Utopian summers dreamt during long winters and made of glimpses from faded childhood memories.

      We are releasing on Steam Early Access which will end up in a game that hopefully will see final release later this summer for PC, PS4 and WiiU.


      We aimed high, a game with 1080p/60fps action in both 3rd and 1st person view. We wanted split-screen couch competition for 4 players and online gaming. We wanted an extensive single player campaign. We wanted both skiis and the larger runabouts in the game. We wanted a lot of tracks (50) and a lot of beautiful environments and settings. We wanted both strategic depth and ease of learning. We wanted hard core, stunt filled, gaming and the more casual and fun party modes. We also wanted people to be able to explore and have fun with no time limit.
      Aqua Moto Racing have it all!

      • Single player
      • 4 people split screen racing
      • Online racing
      • Party modes (Duckling mama, king of the hill etc)
      • Extensive Stunt system
      • Avatar creation system
      • Customizable vehicles
      • Interactive waves from skiis and runabouts
      • Boatloads of fun!

      Aqua Moto Racing Utopia is available now on Steam Early Access for 19,99USD and will be released for PC, Wii U, PlayStation 4 later this summer for 29,99USD.

        Pushed Update

        Hi all, we just pushed an update to Aqua Moto Racing Utopia. This also means that the passwords you needed to use before to get to download the game on steam will no longer be needed.

        For the lucky few of you that have codes. Happy playing!