Summer Sale!


So, its that part of the year again, sunny, summer and hot! What could be better to do when hiding from that pesky sun, waiting for sweet king winter to take a firm grip of our lives again, than play some 3DS! Zordix offers Aqua Moto Racing 3D, Snow Moto Racing 3D and Real Heroes: Firefighter in a blazing summer sale on the Nintendo eshop for both Europe and North America!

Happy Summer Gaming!

Your Friendly Neighbourhood Zordixman

    Zordix had a splashing good time!

    A while back we ventured into the Swedish summer, lived care-free summer life on a sauna-raft in the Umeå archipelago. With us we brought some runabouts and jet-skis to play and do some “research”

      Zordix Open Game Tournament 2015

      gameLogo_square_01Welcome to this years edition of the Zordix Open.

      The 16:th of May we will have a tournament in our new game Aqua Moto Racing Utopia at the Utopia Mall in Umeå. No need to bring anything but your skill and coolness. The tournament is held with an exclusive preview of the Aqua Moto Racing Utopia game, not yet released on any platform.

      How to sign up:
      please email to:

      State the name and age in the email.
      Use the subject line “Zordix Open”.

      Dedline: 15:th of May

        The New 3DS has arrived @ Zordix!

        January 23, 2015
        Celebrating 2015 with game updates including the New 3DS

        Zordix will celebrate the arrival of the Nintendo New 3DS by making upgraded versions of the following 3DS games:

        Aqua Moto Racing 3D
        Snow Moto Racing 3D
        Real Heroes: Firefighter 3D

        Besides unleashing the powers of the New 3DS upon the titles, this major update will at the same time include patches with improvements for the games on the original 3DS systems.

        The Zordix studio has just now, this week, received the development equipment neccessary to make New 3DS game versions, and we look forward to reveal more about the update releases for the 3DS titles during 2015 as they become ready.