Aqua Moto Racing 2 Redux releases on Android

Zordix AB presents Aqua Moto Racing 2 Redux!
For immediate release
Umeå Tuesday 18th of May

Aqua Moto Racing 2 Redux brings waves of fun while you race and do stunts in paradisaical environments and interactive water. Live the life of an up and coming driver in the career mode or chase your own top times to reach perfection. Do the perfect stunt run to get money to unlock more and more vehicles. The possibilities are endless.

Aqua Moto Racing 2 Redux is a remade version of the million seller game Aqua Moto Racing 2 for the iPhone. The proven track record of the game speaks for itself. Millions of downloads and more than a million sold and with a Meta Critic score of 85 shows that the game is well prepared to conquer the Android platform.

Aqua Moto Racing 2 Redux has gotten many changes. The dynamic water tech is re-made utilizing some of the new findings from our coming game Aqua Moto Racing Utopia for the PS4, PC and WiiU. Game graphics has been polished and we have touched up the gameplay so that the game progression is much more smooth and better balanced.

Some of the features.

  • Pay only once!
  • Dynamic water
  • Championships
  • Perform gut wrenching stunts
  • Achievement system
  • Medal system
  • Time hunt system
  • 12 Unique Water-crafts
  • 6 exotic locations

Aqua Moto Racing 2 Redux is sold under the payment model “Pay once, play forever”!

Now Available at Google Play Store.

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    Steam Greenlight has been Achieved!

    We just got confirmation that we have been Greenlit by steam, happy days!

    Now on to some real work while you look at this picture of the Tropics in sunset!

    Screenshot from 2016-04-27 19-36-11

      Vote For Us on Greenlight


      We just passed rank 100, that means we are ahead of 2100 games that are in Steam Greenlight. Thank you all that has voted for us, but we still need more votes so make your friends, enemies, mother and father and that guy selling hot dogs from a box on his stomach vote for us!

        Aqua Moto Racing Goes Greenlight

        April 9th 2016

        Aqua Moto Racing Utopia goes Greenlight

        The game company Zordix, today announce that it’s next big game, Aqua Moto Racing Utopia, enters Steam Greenlight process today.

        Vote for us HERE!

        After the success of the first showings of Aqua Moto Racing Utopia during GDC2016 we gathered curage to go to Greelight and enter the toughest market in the world.

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          The wonderful travels of one Wizard from Zordix to the wonderful land of Plenty.

          After attending the secret cabal of Earth people in the far north I followed my compass south and found myself in the town of the Friar. My parchment was filled with magical moving images put there by the collective power of the Wizards of Zordix in the hope of seducing the world.

          After wondering aimlessly wondering around in a great hall I found myself following my instinct and found something kindafunny where I could show my magic. A room filled with jovial laughter and crazy heralds shouting spells of fun around. I felt at home there, relaxed and had fun while seers peered through a box at us.


          Me, Nick Scarpino and in the back the venerable MR Greg “Head Herald” Miller

          Dizzy from all warmth and laughter I proceeded into the great hall the next day. Right at the opening sat more heralds, discussing the new spells on everyones tounge. The wonderful and intoxicating reality change spells where you are transported into somewhere else but still remains where you are. I told story about our foray into the new spells and that we had tried them out with good results. It might seem that you get many lives this way but in the end there is only one life left true.

          One Life Left

          Apparently, Stars of the waves waved their magic wonds at me and made me forget to use my image box!

          I kept roaming the halls, meeting old friends and making new ones. Looking at all the new spells, all the new wands, staffs and spell components promising a brighter future. Some seemed true, some seemed false and some seemed strange. There I met a Wizard famed for being inside the gathering of Wizards called X.


          Me and Chris Charla in the great hall of magic

          At the last moment via the big magic cloud and via another continent we where summoned to the the collection of heralds that has their lair down by the water. Their voices can carry all through out the world and I knew that I could not IGNore them! My fears of the heralds where put to shame and I was met with smiles and heartfelt laughter.


          Me and Jose Otero in the IGN Lair.

          Tired from showing my magic to strangers I withdrew, celebrated by consuming the fruits of the sea and drinking some “eau de vie”!


          Tomorrow I return for home, bringing impressions of future to tell my own gathering of wizards.