Welcome to the home of Tom, Nancy and Tim. This time they have gotten the great idea to make some extra money for the summer by mowing the lawns of the neighbourhood. Their good friend, aptly named Mr Mowman has promised to help them with this. The kids know he is working for a government facility close nearby and he has a garage full of strange things he is tinkering with during his spare time.

All said and done, after getting some help from Mr Mowman with their equipment the kids start their hectic new summer jobs!

"At its heart, the idea of micro-managing a team of three children, each with varying abilities, is sheer brilliance"
- Cubed3

Steer Tom, Nancy and Tim out of danger! Your mission, mow the lawns of the neighborhood while avoiding dogs, ducks, cats and angry Old Joe in suburbian America of the 1950s. Control time and speed through Mr Mowman's mysterious contraptions. Avoid mowing down intricate flowerbeds, crashing into neatly laid tables or angry animals. The key to success is keeping all three kids moving and to use the strengths of each kid to your advantage. Remember, angry Old Joe will keep and eye out for sloppy children that mow down his flowers!.

Feature List

  • Duck, but no need to cover.
  • 25 challenging lawns!
  • UFOs but no area 51.
  • Cowards Get no medals.
  • Mr Mowman and his mysterious contraptions.
  • Well laid tables and neatly pampered flowerbeds.
  • 4 Bonus Levels for the experts.
  • "Game Over"-screen, oldstyle!
  • Absolutely no hula-hoops!
  • TNT-kids,Tom Nancy and Tim, all with individual abilities.)
  • Dogs and Cats, but no fights.
  • Achieve the impossible.
  • Help a True Man!!

This is our reveal trailer for our new project 1950s Lawn Mower Kids

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As a service to concerned parents we have rated the game with all the appropriate age rating institutes around the world. Here you can see and evaluate if you want to buy this game for your kids.