Patch 5 Aqua Moto Racing Utopa Xmas Special!

Its just before Xmas and Santa showed up in the night and silently programmed some changes into our game. We have surveillance footage!


  • Doppler effects added.
  • Reworked engine sounds
  • Changes in rider physics so you can parry waves better. Use your throttle to parry.
  • Smoother landings after big jumps
  • Balance changes in championships, a bit more challenging, a bit more fun
  • Even more light settings has been added on all environments to get an atmosphere beyond reality, even closer to Utopia!
  • Bugs, bugs, bugs squashed, killed and burned

What Santa Added

  • AI:s are enabled in split-screen multiplay so you and your family can enjoy some competitions in style.
  • And he mumbled something about hats….

Happy Hollidays, join us in Utopia

    A 4 player split screen Xmas!

    If you are hunting for the perfect Xmas “coming home” game. Aqua Moto Racing Utopia have you covered. 4 player split screen ordinary racing, hockey, king of the hill, hold the flag and our own invention Duckling Mama. The first ones you have played before elsewhere but here comes an explanation of the Duckling Mama split screen multiplayer mode.

    Duckling Mama.

    Race your Jet-Ski around an arena and collect the small rubber ducks you find behind you in a row. Keep them away from the other players while you collect more and more of them. The more ducks you have in your row behind you the more points you score. When you get a chance, steal your opponents ducks for more points. An adrenaline inducing game mode where skill, nerves of steel and a cunning mind makes the difference between winning and loosing.

    Duckling mama, get your ducks in a row!

      Aqua Moto Racing Utopia leaves Early Access!

      Aqua Moto Racing Utopia™ will today go from Steam Early Access to a full game. We have been working for a long time with the game and we can now proudly say that we have passed the developing goal line. That said we are not abandoning the game. We will continue to add features in the months ahead!

      To celebrate this we will launch with a 33% Launch Discount for the first week.

      We want to take the opportunity to remind everyone that we also have launched the game on PlayStation®Store for you PS4 fanatics out there.

      We invite you all to the Utopia we have known for so long, you are all welcome. We have baked some sand cakes and the smell of freshly ground oil beans is in the air!

        New trailer released!

        New Trailer released for Aqua Moto Racing Utopia

        Since we are releasing Aqua Moto Racing Utopia for the American Playstation™ Network tomorrow on the 29th of November we thought we would show off our new video.