An interview with Matti

“The year was 1996 and Nintendo had just brought out Wave Race 64.I loved that game, I would play it a lot and it was one of the first videogames I actually saw my dad play with his actual real-life jet-skiing friends. Sadly though, even though it had a continuation on the GameCube, no jet-ski games could ever compare to Wave Race,let alone deserve the title of being a “Spiritual Successor,” until now”


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    Happy is the new Happy

    We the Wizards of Zordix, have during this winter resarched, weaved and concocted a new potion for you all to drink during this dark, cold and chaotic winter (it has a slight taste of cocoa). To combat all your winter blues we are setting Aqua Moto Racing Utopia to a very low price between the 12th and the 31th of January. With this magic we hope to drive Old Man Frost on the run, help summer advance to a new front and make hope shine bright in all our souls.

    With summer we fight the cold, with sun we fight the darkness, with fun we fight the evil winter!

    Aqua Moto Racing Utopia 66% off!


    • Top 10 game of the year – SuperPhillip Central
    • “Imagine all great water-themed Nintendo 64 games reimagined with new state-of-the-art graphics that complement the year 2016” – Brash Games 9/10
    • “Aqua Moto Racing Utopia offers some incredibly satisfying gameplay” -A.J. Maciejewski VideoChums 8/10
    • “Between its vibrant visuals, addictive gameplay, and strong local party games, Aqua Moto Racing Utopia is one wave you’ll want to ride.” – MARCELLO APOSTOLICO GamersXtreme 8/10
    • SML Podcast – ”Buy if you loved Wave Race and Jet Moto”

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      Top 10 ten nomination!

      Aqua Moto Racing Utopia was listed as a top 10 games of the year contender at SuperPhillip Central.

      “As the most unexpected entry on this list, Aqua Moto Racing Utopia gave me the closest experience to Wave Race 64, a game that I consider the pinnacle of the aquatic racing sub-genre. In many ways, Zordix’s racer outshined Nintendo’s retro effort.” – Superphillip Central

      We here at Zordix want to thank SuperPhillip Central for awarding us this placement. It makes it all worth wile to keep working on the game an introduce even more stuff into the game!

      /Zordix Crew

        Snow Moto Racing Freedom enters Steam Greenlight.

        Press Release
        From the makers of Aqua Moto Racing Utopia comes Snow Moto Racing Freedom.
        Experience the thrill of high speed in a winter wonder land. Ride in open vistas or in Snow Cross venues where control, reflexes and pure gut determines your success or failure. String Stunts Together in fantastic combinations to get boost and points for that last edge past the leader.

        In Snow Moto Racing Freedom we let you choose your own path and carve through a snow laden landscape for fun, honor and the thrill of climbing up to the No:1 spot on the podium. Progress through challenging tournaments to unlock better, faster and more fun Snow Mobiles so you can take on the next challenge in style.

        Compete online and measure your skill against other players and find out if you have the right stuff for wiping out spectacularly in the snow and still laugh about it.


        • Interactive Snow Tech
        • 12 High-powered snowmobiles
        • 18 Championships
        • 40+ Tracks
        • Extensive Stunt System
        • Time Trials
        • 4-player Split Screen Racing
        • Online Multiplayer
        • Achievments
        • Ghosts in time trial
        • Replay Functionality
        • 4×4 km Vistas (2.5×2.5 miles)

        VOTE HERE: Steam Greenlight

          Patch 5 Aqua Moto Racing Utopa Xmas Special!

          Its just before Xmas and Santa showed up in the night and silently programmed some changes into our game. We have surveillance footage!


          • Doppler effects added.
          • Reworked engine sounds
          • Changes in rider physics so you can parry waves better. Use your throttle to parry.
          • Smoother landings after big jumps
          • Balance changes in championships, a bit more challenging, a bit more fun
          • Even more light settings has been added on all environments to get an atmosphere beyond reality, even closer to Utopia!
          • Bugs, bugs, bugs squashed, killed and burned

          What Santa Added

          • AI:s are enabled in split-screen multiplay so you and your family can enjoy some competitions in style.
          • And he mumbled something about hats….

          Happy Hollidays, join us in Utopia