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Have a look at our two new videos for Aqua and Snow moto Racing. They are fabulus!

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Snow Moto Racing Freedom gets a preview video!

The Wizards of Zordix presents a new look at our latest game Snow Moto Racing Freedom. It shows both racing and stunting in the different winter landscapes the game has to offer.

Snow Moto Racing is so far announced for the PS4 and PC platforms, other platforms might come at a later point in time.

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Aqua Moto Racing Utopia 66% off on PS4 NA store!

Happy is the new Happy

We the Wizards of Zordix, have during this winter resarched, weaved and concocted a new potion for you all to drink during this dark, cold and chaotic winter (it has a slight taste of cocoa). To combat all your winter blues we are setting Aqua Moto Racing Utopia to a very low price between the 12th and the 31th of January. With this magic we hope to drive Old Man Frost on the run, help summer advance to a new front and make hope shine bright in all our souls.

With summer we fight the cold, with sun we fight the darkness, with fun we fight the evil winter!

Aqua Moto Racing Utopia 66% off!


  • Top 10 game of the year – SuperPhillip Central
  • “Imagine all great water-themed Nintendo 64 games reimagined with new state-of-the-art graphics that complement the year 2016” – Brash Games 9/10
  • “Aqua Moto Racing Utopia offers some incredibly satisfying gameplay” -A.J. Maciejewski VideoChums 8/10
  • “Between its vibrant visuals, addictive gameplay, and strong local party games, Aqua Moto Racing Utopia is one wave you’ll want to ride.” – MARCELLO APOSTOLICO GamersXtreme 8/10
  • SML Podcast – ”Buy if you loved Wave Race and Jet Moto”

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Snow Moto Racing Freedom enters Steam Greenlight.

Press Release
From the makers of Aqua Moto Racing Utopia comes Snow Moto Racing Freedom.
Experience the thrill of high speed in a winter wonder land. Ride in open vistas or in Snow Cross venues where control, reflexes and pure gut determines your success or failure. String Stunts Together in fantastic combinations to get boost and points for that last edge past the leader.

In Snow Moto Racing Freedom we let you choose your own path and carve through a snow laden landscape for fun, honor and the thrill of climbing up to the No:1 spot on the podium. Progress through challenging tournaments to unlock better, faster and more fun Snow Mobiles so you can take on the next challenge in style.

Compete online and measure your skill against other players and find out if you have the right stuff for wiping out spectacularly in the snow and still laugh about it.


  • Interactive Snow Tech
  • 12 High-powered snowmobiles
  • 18 Championships
  • 40+ Tracks
  • Extensive Stunt System
  • Time Trials
  • 4-player Split Screen Racing
  • Online Multiplayer
  • Achievments
  • Ghosts in time trial
  • Replay Functionality
  • 4×4 km Vistas (2.5×2.5 miles)

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Patch 4 for Aqua Moto Racing Utopia

This time around we invite you to the North Sea, where huge waves rule supreme and Oil is pumped from ancient sediments deep under the sea bed. A whole new environment (Oil Rig) is added with sunsets, huge dark deep sea waves, and fantastic gameplay. This is so much fun that we decided to release it even though there is a slight visibility bug with our water tech.

  • We have also updated the rider animations. The rider now looks like he is riding hard, forcing the vehicle around the bends and react to waves. This also makes the first person mode even more vivid and action filled!
  • We have tweaked the physics even more. We turned up the fun-o-meter to eleven and released the untamed forces of speed.
  • We have tweaked the gameplay on stunt courses. Water stunts will now not renew the stunt-multiplicator. Only air stunts will do that.
  • We added two voice over voices to the game. More voices to come later.
  • Updated graphics on the Mediterranean. It has been completely reworked, and is now ready for your short action vacation.
  • Even more light settings has been added on all environments to get an atmosphere beyond reality, even closer to Utopia!
  • Bugs, bugs and more bugs killed. Don’t worry, we have plenty of spray left!